2 500 £
When you are made of stars, it is impossible to choose any other path but «the Greatest».
Outstanding Sound
Sound power and depth are united in two first-class speakers. Able to create the mood you choose with the amazing accuracy.
Bright appearance
The perfect mirror-gloss case along with
the spacecraft design of the junior speaker.
A real star that shines and attracts attention.
Under the stunning gloss lies a stone case, the design of which is available in three colors of the capsule collection:
Mars Red
Io Yellow
Black hole
You can create an individual design
We will select a stone and any of the 50 exclusive shades that will suit you and your space.

Hi-end system
from 15 to 30 000 Hz
The frequency range is
3200 Hz
The filters section frequency is
Body Material:
Acryl / Carbon
Technical specifications:
- 2-way Hi-end Starchild system
- Frequency range (+/- 3db): 60-28000 Hz
- Sensitivity: 86 dB
- Recommended amplifier power: 50–180 W
- Section of the filter frequency: 3200 Hz
- Body Material: Acrylic / Carbon


Morel Elite Tweeter:
- high-power speaker with high sensitivity
- double neodymium magnetic system with ferro-liquid cooling,
- big sound coil Hexatech ™,
- metal front panel
- soft dome Acuflex ™

Seas Excel:
- magnesium cone of precessional molding combined with the natural rubber coating
- no mid-frequency resonances
- reinforced rubber suspension
- magnetic system with a T-shaped pole tip and massive copper rings that reduces any non-linear distortion
- rigid metal basket with the reduction of any airflow noise


- Length: 260 mm
- Width: 144 mm
- Height: 360 mm
- Weight: 7.8 kg
How StarChild
is born
We choose the color of StarChild that suits you and your space.
Order placement
We confirm the order after the prepayment and start to create your speaker.
Start of production
We create each speaker system manually, taking into account special color requests.
We carefully deliver speakers across the world with our courier service.
We install your speaker, check and adjust the acoustics at your facility.
You rediscover music in a million of its nuances and shades that are now available to you
Leave your contact details, and we will discuss with you the birth of the new StarChild
The Voice family
Party king!
Reflects the lifestyle, the mindset and the voice of its owner.
Creates the inspiration, fills you with confidence and makes you fill the wings on your back. Turn on your muse's voice whenever you want to.
Incredibly powerfulcreated from the stardust for the stars who are able to appreciate its voice.